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Kaizen Herbal Tea – Women’s Health

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Kaizen Woman’s Health tea with Camellia sinensishas been specially formulated to assist with period pains and hot flushes. Traditionally used for:

    • Painful ovulation and periods

Directions for use: Add 1 tea bag to a cup of freshly boiled water. Allow to draw for 3 minutes. Drink whilst warm.

For best results, drink 2 cups of tea daily.
It is important to drink 6 to 8 cups of water a day.


Kaizen Woman’s Health tea ingredients:

    • Each 1.7g tea bag contains:
      • Camellia sinensis(Black Tea)                         1300mg
      • Aspalathus linearis(Rooibos Tea) 250mg
      • Siphonochilus Aethiopicus(Wild Ginger) 150mg
    • African Traditional Herbs have been used to deliver the desired benefit. If you suffer from a chronic medical condition, consult your healthcare practitioner before using this tea. Drink this tea under the supervision of a healthcare professional if you are diabetic, have a heart condition, or use blood-thinning medication. Do not use if you have gastric or duodenal ulcers. Stop drinking the tea if you are sensitive to any of the ingredients. Discontinue use 2 weeks prior to any surgery.
    • Do not drink Kaizen Woman’s Health tea for more than 3 consecutive months. Do not use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
    • Note: This product contains plant material. Taste, smell, and colour may vary slightly from batch to batch.
    • 20 x 1.7g tea bags


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